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Four Easy Outdoor Adventures to Help Refresh

Refreshing lives in the moments that inspire you. Refreshing lives in the moments we disconnect from distractions and reconnect with those who bring you joy.

There’s a certain indescribable delight in being amongst nature, the warm sun on your face, the fresh, crisp wind in your hair. Winding your way through a majestic forest or ambling through the sand as cool waves wash over your footsteps.

Here are four ways to step away from emails, screen time and schedules and find yourself on an inspiring outdoors adventure.

Hike a new trail. Discover the fragrant scent of the forest and the muted sound of your steps along the fresh earth. Pause to be present, live in the moment and let the multisensory memory carry you through the rest of the week.

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Chase a waterfall. There’s a reason there’s a soothing fountain at your day spa or a babbling brook button in your favorite relaxation app. The sound of running water seems to snap us into instant relaxation. Feel the power of nature as you explore one of its most beautiful gifts: a magnificent waterfall. Dive in.

Grab a blanket and get out to the beach.Get your sea spray the natural way by frolicking in the waves. Perfect for a family trip or a romantic date, bathe in the golden sun and the mood-boosting treasure of being with those you love.

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A Perfect Picnic. Getting outdoors and reconnecting can be as easy as packing a picnic basket. Enjoy an outdoor concert, grabbing some space on the grass after the farmer’s market or just simply chilling outside in your favorite city park. Cheers to good friends, fresh food and catching up.

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